ANNOUNCEMENT: LSH Mission to Japan 2023 (9-13 October)

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Join our Life Science and Health activities towards Osaka Expo 2025

During the Life Science and Health week in Japan (9-13 October 2023), the Embassy of the Netherlands in Tokyo and the Netherlands Consulate-General in Osaka will organize a Netherlands Pavilion at the Bio Japan and a Special Regenerative Medicine (RegMed) program.

Both Japan and the Netherlands face a number of challenges such as ageing societies, rising costs of healthcare and maintaining the vitality of their population. Both countries invest in research and development that will revolutionize the healthcare system. This provides a good opportunity to meet on common ground to solve these global challenges together.

With the Osaka Expo 2025 on the horizon, we started our activities as Road2Osaka on Life Science and Health in three areas: 1) Digitalization 2) Healthy Ageing 3) Regenerative Medicine. See more on Road2Osaka here.

This October we especially would like to invite organizations focusing on Regenerative Medicine, Cell and Gene Therapy, Organoids and Organ-on-a-Chip to explore, learn and connect with the Japanese stakeholders in this field through the special program.

For those who are in the other Life Science and Health fields than above mentioned, you will have the opportunity to showcase your activities through the Netherlands Pavilion at the Bio Japan.

During the Life Science and Health week in October, there are two major events:

  1. Osaka BioPharma (EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2023, Osaka, 10 October)
  2. Bio Japan (together with Regenerative Medicine Japan and healthTECH Japan) (Yokohama, 11-13 October)

Both events have excellent matchmaking opportunities. In addition to this, we will also have pitching- and networking opportunities at the Bio Japan.

In principle we will split up into three groups:

  1. Participation to Bio Japan Netherlands Pavilion only (3 days Yokohama)
  2. Participation to Osaka BioPharma & Bio Japan (1 day Osaka, 3 days Yokohama)
  3. Participation to the Special RegMed Program (2days Osaka & 2 days Yokohama/Tokyo + Netherlands Pavilion)

In Tokyo we aim for a GREEN Netherlands Pavilion, so we ask you to share presentations on the screen and use a QR-code for brochures etc. Depending on the number of participants you might have space for a panel/poster.

Schedule:Schedule  for Blog v20230707

Participation fee:
For all groups EUR 800 per company (Additional participant EUR 500).

* Included: one partnering key for the common partnering platform for BioJapan, RegMed and HealthTECH
* Costs for international travel, visa, accommodation, meals, individual translators and local transportation in Japan are not included in the participation fee unless explicitly stated otherwise.
* For the participants GROUP B & C: You will need approx. EUR 200 in addition for local transportation.


Osaka BioPharma (EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2023)
Osaka, 10 October | separate registration needed, free of charge

Conference that mainly will be visited by professionals from the Kansai / Osaka region, which is known as “a town of pharmaceuticals” for more than 400 years. Osaka houses many pharmaceutical companies, the center of excellence, and universities. Osaka and neighboring prefectures are now very active in developing and supporting Innovative Medicine based on Regenerative Medicine. The target fields of the event this year are (1) Drug discovery and drug discovery support, (2) Regenerative medicine, (3) Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

See more: EU-Japan Biotech & Pharma Partnering Conference 2023, participants list 2022

BioJapan | Regenerative Medicine Japan | healthTECH Japan 2023
Yokohama, 11-13 October | registration and partnering key is included in your participation fee

BioJapan is the most important business event in Japan in the field of biotechnology and life science. You will have the opportunity to meet nearly 1,000 Japanese and global biotech and life science companies.

This event at Yokohama Pacifico consist out of three exhibitions:
1. BioJapan: Asia’s largest and the world’s oldest biotechnology exhibition (1986-),
2. Regenerative Medicine Japan (2016-): aiming to accelerate and industrialize R&D in the field of regenerative medicine including iPS cells,
3. healthTECH Japan (2020-): provides fusion of digital technology and life science.

The following categories and organizations are represented at BioJapan & Regenerative Medicine Japan:
– Drug and drug discovery
– Research devices, reagents, disposables and facilities
– Bio-clusters, government and public support, universities and institutes
– Medical treatment, diagnostics, and medical devices and equipment
– Drug Discovery support and contract services
– Regenerative medicine
– Cell production / culture technology /products etc.

See more: BioJapan 2023, guidebook 2022 (participants list), Online exhibitors list 2022

GROUP C (Special RegMed program)

The above schedule is still a draft version. After we know more about who is going to participate this special RegMed program, we will decide where to visit on 11 October (Osaka) and 13 October (Tokyo) as site visits.

To get an idea, hereunder some organizations we think it might be interesting for the group. We will have time to visit 2 or 3 organizations on each day (11 & 13 October), depending on the distance, time we need at each visiting location.

We will need your input/point of interest to make this special program a success.

Ideas for site visits in Kansai:

Ideas for site visits in Tokyo:

For questions: Mihoko Ishii (

To REGISTER click here | deadline 4 August 2023

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