Invitation – Meet Japanese Deeptech Delegation visiting the Netherlands 18-22 March 2024

Deeptech Delegation from Japan to the Netherlands
Semiconductors, Quantum Technology and Photonics
18-22 March 2024

Meet Japanese Deeptech Delegation that is visiting the Netherlands in the week of 18-22 March!

The Delegation consists of governments, companies, national research institutes and universities in the fields of semiconductors, quantum technology and photonics. See below Flyer for more details on Delegates and outline program.
This Delegation is part of preparations to set up a Dutch multi-annual public-private partnership (PPP) to further develop relations with Japan in Deeptech fields.

How to join

There are several Network Events in the week to meet the Delegation. We warmly invite Dutch organizations to join us for an evening of networking, drinks, and bites, offering you the opportunity to engage with this esteemed delegation.
We appreciate your understanding that there may be limits to the number of participants.

  • Monday 18 March in Delft
    Time: 17:30 – 19:00
    Location: Café Labs at TU Delft Campus
    Address: Stieltjesweg 226, Delft
    Tel: +31 (0)15 206 1511
    Are you interested to join? Contact Anna Grashuis at Quantum Delta NL.
  • Tuesday 19 March in Eindhoven
    Time: 17:00 – 18:30
    Location: The Lounge at High Tech Campus
    Address: High Tech Campus 1a, The Strip, Eindhoven
    Tel: +31 (0)40 230 5700
    Are you interested to join? Contact Rob Stroeks at the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo.
  • Thursday 21 March in Nijmegen
    Time: 12:00-13:00
    Location: Noviotech Campus Nijmegen
    Address: Transistorweg 7N, Nijmegen
    Tel: +31(0)24 204 9060
    Are you interested to join? Contact Micha Tahar at High Tech NL and Rob Stroeks at the Netherlands Embassy in Tokyo.
  • Thursday 21 March in Enschede
    Time: 18:30-21:30
    Location: UPark Hotel
    Address: De Veldmaat 8, Enschede
    Tel: +31 (0)53 433 1366
    Are you interested to join? Register here.

Connecting the Netherlands and Japan

The Netherlands and Japan are important and innovative players in the Deeptech fields of Semiconductors, Quantum Technology and Integrated Photonics. Growing markets and industries offer many opportunities for cooperation between the two like-minded countries. 

In the past three years, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, RVO, the Netherlands Embassy in Japan, Quantum Delta NL, Photon Delta NL, High Tech NL, Oost-NL, BOM and Brainport, supported by the business and research community- joined hands to develop relations with Japanese counterparts. Activities included innovation missions to Japan, NL-Pavilions at relevant Expo’s in Tokyo, roadshows and online webinars, matchmake and network events. In total almost 60 Dutch organizations joined these activities, yielding multiple follow-up activities and bilateral agreements between governments, companies, and research organizations. 

MoC EZK - METIIn 2023, the governments of Japan and the Netherlands solidified their commitment to collaborative advancements in Deeptech by signing a memorandum of understanding. This includes pivotal areas such as semiconductors, integrated photonics, and quantum technology.


Flyer (concept)
Flyer front sideFlyer back side

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