20 June – Successful Netherlands-Japan DEEPTECH EVENT ON SEMICONDUCTORS

(English below) Powerpoint Presentations uploaded, see below.


  • 題名:半導体をテーマとする「オランダ・ディープテック」イベント
  • 日時:2023年6月20日(火)、14:00-18:30
  • 場所:帝国ホテル(東京)、桜の間
  • 主催:オランダ大使館、オランダ企業庁
  • 来日団詳細(和英):Mission-Booklet-final.pdf
  • 対象者:日本の産学官関係者
  • 言語:英語


  • Eric van Kooijオランダ大使館科学技術参事官
  • Astrid Bronswijkオランダ経済貴省政策省イノベーション・知識部門マネージャー
  • Hisashi Kanazashi経済産業省商務情報政策局情報産業課長
  • Photon Delta, ChipTech Twente, Brainport Industries, Oost NL, Quantum Deltaなどオランダの関連(半)公的機関
  • オランダの関連企業15社・TNO・imec-NL・3工大


On Tuesday 20 June 2023, 14:00-18:30, a Netherlands-Japan Semiconductor Event was held at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

We live in the era of information. We want to be connected and we want things to be connected and work faster and for our information to be safe. The future of our information society is driven by exponential technologies in computing, communication and sensing which requires system solutions. These solutions should build upon cross-pollination between knowledge institutions and industries, with semiconductors, integrated photonics and quantum computing as a key enabling technology enabling disruptive innovations. With our strong proven position in semiconductors, integrated photonics, and quantum technology we aim to contribute to creating ever more knowledge and value for companies in a sustainable way.

The purpose of this Event was to introduce the ecosystems in both countries and facilitate discussions for collaboration in innovative ‘deeptech’ fields like chip design, photonic integration, packaging, quantum technology etc. The Netherlands is well known for its open innovation system, with ASML as one of its main examples. By looking at the system engineering in a horizontal way companies in the Netherlands are more collaborative and outward-focused. This opposed to Asian companies that tend to be vertically oriented with a more inward-focused. Dutch companies recognizes that valuable knowledge and ideas can originate externally as well as internally. Open innovation involves actively seeking and integrating external sources of innovation, such as customers, suppliers, partners, academic institutions, and even competitors. The goal is to tap into a broader network of expertise, leverage diverse perspectives, and accelerate innovation by accessing a wider range of ideas, technologies, and resources. Open innovation does not just happen, Dutch companies have acquired unique skills to enable this collaboration. Skills that they are willing to share with new trusted partners.

The event was part of the program of a Netherlands Innovation Mission to Japan visiting Japan 19-23 June, consisting of government, companies and research institutes.

The event started with an opening by the Delegation Leader Astrid Bronswijk, Manager Innovation & Knowledge of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK), a complementary speech by Hisashi Kanazashi, Director IT Industry Division of the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), and an overview introduction of the Dutch Deeptech Ecosystem. After that, the Delegates, 15 companies and 5 research institutes, introduced their positions in the value chain, their activities and their ambitions in furthering relations with Japan. After the presentations there was time to interact with the Delegates in a Network reception (standing buffet).

NL-JP Semiconductor Roadshow

  • Time & date: 14:00 – 18:30, Tuesday 20 June 2023
  • Venue: Sakura Room (4F), Imperial Hotel (address: 1-1-1 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Tel: +81-3-3504-1111)
  • Agenda (detailed agenda below
    • 14:00-16:00 Presentations (Sakura Room, 4F)
    • Group Picture, move to Reception Venue
    • 16:30-18:30 Interaction and Network Reception (Miyabi Room, 3F)
  • Information about the Netherlands Delegation: Mission-Booklet-final.pdf
  • Target audience: Professionals in the field from Japanese government, industry and knowledge institutes
  • Organizers:
    • Netherlands Embassy in Japan and Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).
    • This event was made possible by kind collaboration of Oost NL, Photon Delta, Quantum Delta, Brainport Eindhoven, BOM, Chiptech Twente, Twente Board
  • Language: English
  • For questions please contact Rob Stroeks.

Detailed program

(13:45       Registration at Sakura Room 4F)
Moderator: Rob Stroeks, Senior Advisor for Innovation, Science and Technology, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

14:00        Opening by Delegation Leader
Astrid Bronswijk, Manager Innovation and Knowledge, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
1 – Astrid Bronswijk

14:05        Complementary speech by Japanese Government
Hisashi Kanazashi, Director IT Industry Division, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

14:10        Netherlands policy (Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, EZK)
2 – Netherlands Policy
Wilbert Schaap, Policy Coordinator Semiconductor Innovation, EZK
Maud van Haeren, Senior Policy Officer, EZK

14:20        Introduction to the Netherlands Ecosystems
Combined presentation prepared by ChipTech Twente, PhotonDelta, Brainport and Quantum Delta
3.1 – Ecosystem 3.2 – Ecosystem 3.3 – Ecosystem

14:35        5 Netherlands research institutes (4 minutes each)
Marija Trajkovic, Program Manager, Eindhoven University of Technology
Lennart de Vreede, Impact Development Manager, MESA+, Universiteit Twente & ChipTech
5 – MESA+
Somya Gupta, Innovation and Strategic Partnership Lead, Qutech
Mario Konijnenburg, R&D Manager IC-Design, IMEC Nederland
7 – IMEC
Harm van Leeuwen, Business Development, TNO
8 – TNO

14:55        15 Netherlands company presentations (4 minutes each)
Maurice Koken, Head of Marketing and Strategic Business Development, Innatera Nanosystems
9- Innatera
Marleen Boonen, CEO & Founder, Methods2Business
10 – Methods2Business
Dilu Mathew, CEO, Occam Dx
11 – Occam Dx
Christiaan Baaij, Co-Founder, QBayLogic
12 – qbaylogic
Richard Visee, CEO, SystematIC
13 – SystematIC
Cor Schepens, Business Development Manager, Applied Nanolayers
14 – ANL
Taylan Erol, Chief Executive Officer, Appsilon
15 – Appsilon
Seraphina Seng, Government Relations, ASM
16 – ASM
Eric Meulenkamp, New Business Development Manager, DEMCON
17 – Demcon
Richard Jungman, CEO, Mecal
Erik Cappendijk, Director Business Development APAC, NTS Group
19 – NTS Group
Eric Janssen, Commercial Director, Prodrive Technologies
20 – Prodrive
Ewald Peters, CEO, Sempro
21 – Sempro Technologies
Tim Koene, Chief Technology Officer, Effect Photonics
22 – EFFECTPhotonics
Francesco Pessolano, CEO & CoFounder, Astrape Networks
23 – Astrape

15:55        Concluding remarks
Eric van Kooij, Counsellor for Innovation, Science and Technology, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

16:00        Group Picture
                   Move to Reception Venue (Miyabi Room at 3F)

16:30        Network Reception Part 1 (specific interaction, drinks)
                   To have meaningful interaction, please follow these instructions:

  • Netherlands delegates: please be at the pre-defined table (overview distributed at the reception desk).
  • Japanese Guests: please visit the specific table as indicated on the personal form you received at the reception desk (the distribution is made based on the priorities in your web-registration).

17:00        Network Reception Part 2 (free networking, buffet style dinner)

18:30        End of programme


Chip Design
Chip Design is the second pillar of the Dutch semiconductor industry, after equipment. The Netherlands has established itself as a global leader in various fields, including Analog and RF Integrated Circuit Design, Quantum Computing, Integrated Photonics, Power Electronics, 5G/6G Technology, MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Sensor Interfaces, Smart Sensing, Edge AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Logic Design. These diverse areas converge in the realm of heterogeneous integration and systems. The Netherlands has a proven track record with inventions such as Wifi and Bluetooth. The chip design ecosystem in the Netherlands is a vibrant mix of prominent multinational IDM’s (Integrated Device Manufacturers) such as NXP, Nexperia, and Ampleon. Additionally, niche specialists like Axign, Altum RF and Methods2Business contribute their expertise. The country also boasts a flourishing community of fast-growing startups, including Axelera AI, Intrinsic ID, and Sencure. Moreover, the Netherlands benefits from a strong knowledge base supported by institutions like UT MESA+, TU/e EHCI, TU Delft, TNO, CITC and Holst Centre. These entities provide valuable research and development in the field of chip design.

Photonic Integration
Photonic integrated circuits have been a pillar of research and innovation in the Netherlands for the past 40 years. Building upon early successes in semi-conductor laser technology development for optical communications, the integrated photonics ecosystem has been growing ever since. The Netherlands prides itself of not only having two internationally recognized research centers around photonics (TU/e and UT), but also of having a vibrant industrial ecosystem including two pure play foundries for the fabrication of InP and SiN photonic integrated circuits (PICs). This unique combination of research and innovation has been at the heart of this growing ecosystem, led by Photon Delta, and has recently resulted in the awarding of a 1.1B€ research and innovation grant to the photonics ecosystem in The Netherlands. With these funds, The Netherlands is aiming to strengthen its global position in the photonics sector and is actively engaging with partners around the globe to promote PICs and their applications.

Presenting Companies

  • Applied NanoLayers
    Applied Nanolayers grows high-quality graphene and transfers and post-processes on semiconductor wafers for photonics and (bio-) sensors.
  • Appsilon
    Appsilon is an advanced materials company synthesizing single crystal diamond for quantum and semiconductor technologies.
  • ASM
    A leading supplier of semiconductor process equipment and solutions for wafer processing.
  • Astrape
    At Astrape Networks we enable the transition to fully optical data networks for a faster and more sustainable datacenters.
  • Demcon
    A design and engineering outsourcing company for high-tech customers in semiconductor and other demanding domains.
  • Effect Photonics
    EFFECT Photonics makes DWDM Transceivers based on our high volume InP Photonic Technology.
  • Innatera
    Ultra-low power intelligence for sensors.
  • Mecal HighTech Systems
    Advancing technologies for high end product evolution in engineering and prototypes, and operational fab enhancement.
  • Methods2Business
    Provider of a unique Wi-Fi CERTIFIED® HaLow™ IP platform enabling long-range, low-power and highly secure Wi-Fi IoT connectivity.
  • NTS Group
    NTS Group is a top-tier Design and Contract Manufacturer partner with a global presence.
  • Occam
    Developing the only diagnostic tool capable of simply counting viruses and bacteria, using nanoelectronics.
  • Prodrive
    Research, development and production partner for the semiconductor industry.
  • QBayLogic
    We design FPGA and ASIC and are a company that combines the knowledge and skills of soft- and hardware.
  • Sempro
    Sempro is a specialist in cutting – forming and singulation from IC /photolectronic components.
  • SystematIC
    IC design, IC product development and product supply of chips for sensor and power applications.


Presenting Knowledge Institutes


(Semi-)Public Organizations

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