Matchmaking event for startups/scale ups with Japanese corporates

Announcement for Dutch startups and scaleups: register for Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS)!

ILS is the largest annual open-innovation matching event of its kind in Asia and is being held in Nov 21-Dec 16 2022.

Last time, over 3,000 business meetings were arranged and more than 1,000 alliance deals were generated through its one-on-one meeting program, POWER MATCHING, with the participation of 120+ major corporations and 600+ startups. Overseas startups can participate in POWER MATCHING and VC MATCHING either face-to-face or online. This will enable startups to make their proposals directly to the executive officers and other key persons of major corporations and create new business opportunities.

See the file for more info: The 10th ILS Prospectus for Overseas Startups_v2

ILS 2022

Rough timeline and deadlines
1. If you are considering participation, please fill out the form, before Sept 22nd, 2022 11: 59 am (JST). There is an upper limit to the number of participants, but if you fill the details before Sept 8, you are guaranteed to join.
Once you have filled out the form, you will receive an email from ILS to register yourself for the event.
2. After Sept 22, 2022- ILS sends you the link to register yourself.
3. Sept 26, 2022 11:59 am JST – Deadline to register, to complete “Participation package Purchase” and “Company Information Registration” -> This takes quite some time!!
4. Sept 29, 2022 – Corporate information and VC information is being released.
5. Oct 13, 2022 – Deadline to send meeting requests to Corporates and VCs.
6. Oct 27, 2022 – Deadline to respond to meeting requests.
7. Nov 14, 2022 – Announcement of meeting schedules.
8. Start of matchmaking
 Nov 21st – 25th – online
 Nov 29th – Dec 2nd – face-to-face in Tokyo
 Dec 5th – 16th – online

A. Free Japanese-English interpreters available if needed for the meetings.
B. Currently, all foreign citizens must obtain a visa in order to visit Japan. If a company participating in POWER MATCHING so requests, ILS will issue documentation necessary to apply for a Japanese Entry Visa for “Short-term business affairs, etc.”
Ad B:
– ILS will only issue documentation required to apply for a “Short-term business affairs, etc.” visa. Tourism is prohibited with this visa.
– Startup members can only be invited to Japan for the period the ILS is held, Monday, November 21 – Friday, December 16, 2022. As such, they are not permitted to stay in Japan before or after this period.
– ILS will only issue documentation for up to 3 people from the participating startup.
– ILS will refuse requests for documentation from persons not affiliated with companies participating in the ILS.
– While ILS will issue Letters of Guarantee, ILS cannot guarantee coverage of expenses for the applicant’s stay in Japan nor return travel expenses.
– ILS cannot send original documents by postal mail.
– While the above information has been checked by the Foreign Residents Support Center, It is subject to change should there be revisions to Japan’s border control policies.

For any further questions, you can email:

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