Tailor made visit to international guests @Intertraffic Amsterdam 21-24 April

Mihoko Ishii, Netherlands Innovation Network Tokyo (Innovatie Attaché Netwerk Tokio).

Invitation to Intertraffic Amsterdam by Smart Mobility Embassy

21-24 April, RAI Amsterdam

Since the establishment of the Smart Mobility Embassy in 2017, we have received numerous international delegations, organized study trips and have been represented at various events. Together with our triple helix network of 63 parties in the Netherlands, we exchange smart mobility knowledge and experiences with other countries. As the Smart Mobility Embassy we are available to answer questions about smart mobility challenges, opportunities and solutions. Thanks to our extensive network, we can put you in touch with the right parties/experts in the Netherlands. Our goal is to create a better environment worldwide through safe, efficient and sustainable mobility. We can only achieve this through cooperation. Therefore we invite you to explore the possibilities for collaboration at Intertraffic in Amsterdam that will take place from 21 to 24 April this year.

Smart Mobility Embassy invites international delegates to:
– Tailor-made exhibition visits
– Session at Intertraffic Summit “Societal impact of smart mobility in Dutch cities” 21 April 11.00-11.45

Contact: Mieke Masselink, Smart Mobility Embassy

See more details:  Intertraffic Invitation (EN)

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